Human-Nature Interactions

Dependency of human beings, one of the most recent live forms in the evolutionary ladder, in the nature is obvious and inseparable. Even a slight change in the natural entities can have a wide effect on them which can be both positive and negative. The interaction with the nature is dynamic which cannot be understood or defined in linearity. This interaction is a complex and non-linear phenomenon. This idea of the web like effect is essential in the concept of interaction, as opposed to a one-way causal effect. Out of all the natural elements that support life, forests and
rivers are the major source of survival of all the living beings. For animals these elements are basically for the fulfillment of their basic needs, food and shelter but when it comes to human beings, they are not only for the basic needs rather for various interactions including political, economic, religious and educational. The scenario of rivers and forests in different seasons have a great significance on the livelihood of human especially for them who live nearby those natural entities.