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Waiting for the turn at Rapti River, Chitwan National Park, Nepal.

The setting sun resembles the stages of our lives. In the picture I tried to capture the final stages of a sunset. It is the picture taken in the last moment (about 5 minutes of its complete disappearance) from Kapan, my present residence.

This is the image captured during the first visit to Bangladesh in 2018. It was an amazing experience for a person from a land-locked country to be on a ship on Bay of Bengal. It is captured by a mobile Redmi 3S 32 Model.

The zigzag path is a railway track in Chattogram (Chittagong), Bangladesh. During the visit of Dhaka and Chattogram for a conference on Nepal-Bangladesh Studies, this picture was taken. It is not that possible to see this type of track in Nepal at least for now so it looked fascinating. The picture was captured by Canon 80D.

I am passionate about photography. The nature motivates me to capture its moments. I am more interested to capture the natural moments like sunrise, sunset, moving clouds, birds, and all that come under natural environment. I am not a professinal photographer but my passion towards photography is something special. My sister and Researcher friend Ms. Renuka Khatiwada, also the official photographer of SAFAR, helps me with the technicalities of photography.





I am a professional teacher. It was a compulsion for me in my early career days, but now it is the most important part of my life. I don’t enjoy anything as much as teaching. Apart from teaching I have started photography as an interest/hobby in the beginning. But now I realize that I should take it ahead professionally too. So I am trying to getting involved in it.